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Sendai Nouken Co., Ltd. is recruiting new members who will enrich the agricultural industries in Tohoku.
We are looking forward to applications from those who want to support agriculture and contribute to promoting regional development.
This is the workplace where young people can make the most of their abilities.

We Sendai Nouken Co., Ltd. is located at Misato-cho Toda-gun Miyagi prefecture, providing various solutions for all types of agricultural needs, from building greenhouses and polytunnels to offering agricultural materials as well as cleaning food factories and air conditioners.

We provide services to meet your specific needs, from designing greenhouses and polytunnels through to processing materials, equipment and construction. We also take custom orders for planning, designing, and constructing farming systems and livestock facilities. We offer fast and quick services in check-ups, maintenance and repairs.

We provide every type of agricultural materials such as tapes, bags, films etc. We always keep enough inventory, and we assure that you will receive the best deals. Please feel free to ask us about the production of packaging materials, which can maximize your shipping and profit.

We also offer professional cleaning services for food factory equipment, drains, offices, and industrial air conditioners as well as pest control service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance with greenhouses, polytunnels, agricultural materials, food factory, and air-conditioner cleaning.

We are recruiting new members. If you want to revitalize, support, and contribute to promoting agriculture in Tohoku, please join us.