Sendai Nouken is the best option for greenhouses.

The entire production, from designing greenhouses and pipehouse through to processing materials, equipment and constructions, is conducted by our company. We provide finely tuned solutions for your needs.

We provide Dutch greenhouses with latest technologies.

"Dutch Greenhouse" enables you to increase both harvest and quality of your crop. The greenhouses are equipped with systems which control temperature, humidity and light, providing the perfect environment for your crop production.

Growing Systems

Custom orders at reasonable prices

We propose, design, and assemble growing systems that grant customers' request, such as automatic irrigation system and automatic ventilation system.

Farming Facilities

We provide low-cost and high-quality facilities.

Thanks to our self manufacturing we can provide our products at low costs, including custom made fences and smallwares.


We promise quick support in times of need.

We deliver quick and speedy support for repairing air-conditioners, greenhouse plastic film, and screen system.